How to Taste Wine Like a Pro

Five Simple Steps

It’s Local Wine Week! We’re celebrating by sharing our wine tasting insights with you. A good friend and a bottle of wine isn’t all you need for a successful wine tasting. Learn how to tastewine like a professional with these five simple steps!

1. Cleanse Your Palate

Is important to have a clean palate while wine tasting to ensure an accurate taste of the wine. You can do this by eating the crackers provided or wine tasting on a relatively empty stomach. Once your palate is clean, pick your wine preference.

2. Glass Etiquette 

Something you may not consider is the size of the glass that you’re using. A large wine glass with a small amount of wine is ideal when wine tasting. Once the small amount of wine is poured, swirl it around to oxygenate the wine. Oxygenating the wine activates the true flavor of the wine.

3. Wake Up Your Senses 

Now that you’ve woken up the wine’s senses, smelling the wine far away and then up close wakes up your senses. Your sense of smell then anticipates the taste of the wine. Take time to look at the color of the wine. The color can give you more detail like how old the wine is. If you’re drinking a red wine, they tend to lose color as they age. White wines are vise versa, gaining a richer color as they age.

4. Taste Test 

It’s time to taste! Take a small sip and swirl it around your mouth. This gives all your tastebuds a chance to pick up any particular tastes that the wine offers. Allow time to enjoy the wine finish, which is the after taste that the wine offers. It’s an important part to the taste test!

5. Repeat & Enjoy

Once you’ve enjoyed your first sample, cleanse your palate and move onto the next!

Wine tasting is a fun way to visit with friends and family while tasting good wines. Enjoy complementary wine tastings are available in our tasting room Tuesday-Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.!

Autumn Harvest Winery and Orchard produces many wines using fruit from their orchard, and a hard cider. Visitors can enjoy complimentary wine tasting, sample local cheeses and chocolates, relax on the outdoor patio, or peruse the gift shop. Starting in May you can enjoy the beautiful sights of blooming apple trees, flowers and an abundance of wildlife. In July you can purchase fresh blueberries or pick your own. During the fall season, apples and pumpkins can be purchased or you can pick your own, enjoy wagon rides and a free corn maze.