Our Story

Nestled in the heart of apple orchard country in Chippewa Falls, Autumn Harvest Winery was the first winery in the Chippewa Valley! As of Spring 2021, Becky and Jim Mullane, owners of Dixon’s Apple Orchard, are proud to be the new owners of Autumn Harvest Winery and Orchard!

Autumn Harvest Winery was opened in July of 2004 by John and Marykay McIlquham. John and Marykay sold the winery and orchard to Chad and Jean McIlquham in 2015, who continued to expand Autumn Harvest’s offerings until the Mullane’s purchased the business in 2021.

The Mullane’s have a long history of growing apples. In 1944, Fred and Faye Dixon started a family tradition in New Mexico that has transcended decades; a tradition their granddaughter Becky Dixon Mullane and her husband Jim have transplanted to their new orchard in Cadott, Wisconsin. They have over 100 acres just 3.5 miles from Autumn Harvest, where they grow apples and berries, as well as host weddings at their venue. Dixon’s is home to the world-famous Champagne apples, a variety discovered and grown first by Fred Dixon.

Learn more about our apples: www.dixonsapples.com

The Mullanes are honored to continue to offer the fun-filled winery and orchard experience to the Chippewa Valley! Starting in May, you can enjoy the beautiful sights of blooming apples trees, flowers and an abundance of wildlife. Beginning in mid-August our many varieties of apples are available fresh picked, including Champagne and Honeycrisp!

We produce multiple different wines and a hard cider distributed statewide! We produce wines that are light, crisp, and full of fruit juices, as well as dry reds and whites. Our apple wines are fermented using apples grown right in our orchard. Everything from start to finish is done by hand – which is, produced, bottled, corked and labeled at our own facility.

There is something for everyone in the family at Autumn Harvest Winery and Orchard, at the corner of J and K, Chippewa Falls, WI!