The Finest on the Vine – As seen in VolumeOne

Autumn Harvest Winery is proud to be featured as one of the best wineries in the Chippewa Valley in Volume One.

As seen in Volume One:

Whether you’re a wine expert or more of a novice, each of these winemakers are sure to have something you’ll be interested in. These wineries were voted the Best of the Chippewa Valley in Volume One’s 2018 reader poll for a reason. With a variety of wines unique to each location, there’s a wide assortment to choose from.

River Bend’s array of white and red wines is extensive, but their assortment of dessert and sparkling wines add a fun, unexpected touch to their menu. Autumn Harvest’s 13 fruity wines are made with apples from their own orchard, but they also feature a hard apple cider on tap. Finally, Infinity Beverages’ selection of both wines and spirits unique to them provides options for those who are looking for something extraordinary.


2. Autumn Harvest Winery & Orchard

Using apples from their orchard mixed with grapes, whole fruit, and fruit juices, Autumn Harvest (19947 County Highway J, Chippewa Falls) makes light, crisp wines in 300 gallon batches. Since their opening in 2004, their list has grown from six to 13 wines. Visits to Autumn Harvest include a free wine tasting. In addition to wine, they offer “Grampa Mac’s hard apple cider” on tap. Several wines and the hard apple cider are only available in Autumn Harvest’s tasting room, and cannot be bought in stores. Autumn Harvest also hosts live music performances periodically throughout the season. Open May through October. To learn more, visit